PAX A920 Multi-Terminal (5) Charging Base Installation Guide

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This document explains how to install the multi-terminal charging base for PAX A920 or A920 Pro terminals and included silicone sleeves.

NOTE: The multi-terminal charging bases are designed to be used with only one model of PAX terminal, either the A920 or A920 Pro. You should never attempt to charge an A920 Pro terminal on an A920 charging base or vice-versa. Only use the charging base intended for your specific terminal model.

The multi-terminal charging base makes it easy to recharge multiple terminals without having to remove their protective silicone sleeves.

IMPORTANT! The terminals must be fitted with the PayFacto-branded silicone sleeve. The sleeve displays the PayFacto name and logo on the back. You should not use the charging base for any terminal not protected by a silicone sleeve.

This setup guide describes the following topics:

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