Using the Charging Base

To use the charging base, you need only place the terminal(s) vertically on the base so the printer rests in the cradle at the top of the charging base.


A920 Pro

NOTE: The charging base should only be used to charge your terminal(s); it is not designed to be a storage location for the terminal(s).

If the status light remains blue after you place the terminal on the base, the terminal is not seated correctly, and not connecting to the base’s gold charging contacts.

IMPORTANT! Do not slide a terminal onto the base, as it can damage the gold charging contacts. Always place the terminal onto the base vertically, as shown below

LED Status Light

The LED at the bottom edge of the charging base indicates the terminal’s charging status:

LED Color


A920 Pro

Blue: Charging base is plugged in, no terminal connected.

Red/Yellow: Terminal is charging.

Green: Terminal is fully charged.

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