Terminal Overview

Terminal Overview


The PAX A920 Pro mobile payment terminal is perfect for most applications, whether retail, bar/restaurant, or delivery/transportation. This setup guide describes the following topics:

  • Initial terminal configuration

    • Charging the Terminal

    • Installing the Printer Paper

    • Configuring the Terminal Network Connections

      • Installing the SIM Card

      • Configuring the Terminal Wi-Fi Connection

    • Configuring the Terminal Display Language

  • Activating the terminal

    • Terminal Activation

    • Activate Terminal

    • Set Passwords

  • Working with the terminal

    • Powering the Terminal On or Off

    • Terminal Input Options

    • Card Payment Options

    • Replacing the Printer Paper

A920 Pro Terminal Overview

This document will introduce you to your payment terminal as well as guide you through the process of preparing and configuring it in order to quickly begin processing payments.

Your PAX A920 Pro payment processing terminal comes with the following:

  1. Payment terminal

  2. Roll of printer paper

  3. AC power outlet

  4. USB to USB Type-C charging cable

You may also have an optional charger and external printer included, but this document addresses the most basic delivery configuration.

Terminal Hardware

The following illustrations show the location of the main terminal features and hardware:

1. Magnetic stripe reader 2. Color touchscreen 3. Chip card reader 4. Scanner button

5. Volume control button 6. USB Type-C charging port 7. Power button 8. Scanner 9. Contactless payment reader

10. Printer 11. Printer latch 12. Rear camera 13. Battery cover 14. Battery cover latch

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