Charging Base Installation

Installing the Multi-Terminal Charging Base

Before you install and connect the multi-terminal charging base, make sure that the desired location is within reach of an AC outlet and that there is enough space to for the charging base and the terminals when connected.

To install the multi-terminal charging base:

  1. Collect the original AC power adapters that were shipped with your PAX A920 or A920 Pro terminals (maximum of 5 per multi-terminal charging base).

  1. Turn the multi-terminal charging base over to access the opening on the bottom.

  2. Remove any twist ties that secure the charging cables together. Do not remove any of the nylon zip ties as each cable should be long enough to reach an outlet on the power bar.

  1. Working one cable at a time, connect the cable’s USB plug into the AC adapter’s USB port.

  1. Plug the adapter into an outlet on the power bar.

  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each additional charging cable.

  2. After you connect all 5 cables to the power bar, plug in the power bar's cable to an available AC outlet.

  3. If it is not already, switch the power bar's power button to the On/RESETposition; the switch lights up with a red indicator and the LEDs at the bottom edge of the charging bases light up.

  1. Turn the multi-terminal charging base over to place it securely in its desired location. The base is ready to begin charging your terminals.

IMPORTANT! To minimize the risk of short-circuits and reduce the risk of fire, DO NOT connect any additional devices to the charging base's power bar.

Installing Terminal Silicone Sleeves

To protect your PAX A920 or A920 Pro terminals from minor impact damage, you should install the silicone sleeves provided with the multi-terminal charging base as the charging bases are designed specifically for terminals with the sleeve.

To install the silicone sleeve:

  1. Insert the top of the terminal into the sleeve's printer protection until the sleeve fits snugly onto the terminal’s top.

  2. Pull the bottom of the sleeve over the bottom edge of the terminal.

  3. Repeat for every terminal you intend to place on the charging bases.

NOTE: To add or change a SIM card, you need to remove the sleeve from the terminal.

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