Installing the T Bracket

Installing the T Bracket

The A80 cable attachment is anchored by a T bracket that keeps the attached cables from being accidentally disconnected .

To install the T bracket on the terminal:

  1. With the terminal turned over, insert the T bracket into the guides on the underside of the A80 terminal.

  1. Slide the T bracket up by pushing it from the bottom towards the top of the terminal.

Securing the T Bracket to the Terminal

To prevent the T bracket and cables from sliding off the terminal, you must next secure the T bracket to the terminal.

To secure the T bracket to the terminal:

  1. Place the short metal bracket at the top of the T bracket and insert the long screw at the opening near the top of the terminal.

  1. When the end of the long screw comes out of the bottom of the T bracket, place the metal washer over the screw and then thread the thumb nut onto the end of the screw.

  1. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, tighten the screw securely (but not excessively) into the thumb nut.

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