Cable Installation

Cable Installation

After you secure the T bracket to the terminal, you must insert the cables. This procedure explains how to install and secure the AC adapter and Ethernet cables; if you have additional cables, connect them to the appropriate port and use the same method to secure them in place.

To install and secure the cables:

  1. Beginning with the AC adapter, inserting it in the terminal's cable guide on the left and connect the adapter to the Power port.

  1. Insert the Ethernet cable in the terminal's cable guide on the right and connect it to the LAN port.

  1. When the cables are properly seated in their ports, gently pull on the cables to remove any excess cable that is higher than the plane of the T bracket.

  1. Place the 3-hole metal bracket over the cables, aligned with the screw holes in the T bracket and secure it in place using a Phillips head screwdriver to insert the two short screws.

  1. Turn the terminal over and power on the terminal. The completed assembly should resemble the following:

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