Configuring the Terminal Ethernet Connection

Configuring the Terminal Wi-Fi Connection

This section explains how to enable Ethernet and connect to your network.

To connect to your Ethernet (wired) network:

  1. Ensure your network cable is connected in the appropriate connector located on the back of the terminal and make sure the other end of the network cable is connected to a network jack or hub.

  2. On the Settings screen, touch the Please Input Password field and use the keypad to type the password: either 9876 or pax9876@@.

  3. In the Wireless & networks section, touch Ethernet.

  4. If Ethernet is Off, touch the toggle to turn it on.

  5. After you toggle Ethernet to On (or if Ethernet is already on), the connected network settings appear.

  6. If necessary, you can change the network connection parameters manually by scrolling to the bottom and touching Ethernet Configuration to select and configure the Connection Type.

IMPORTANT! Changing the network connection parameters incorrectly will prevent the terminal from communicating with the payment processing server.

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