Installation Process Overview

Quick overview

Here is a quick overview of the entire installation and setup process:

  1. Install/enable Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

  2. Install the latest version of Oracle’s Java for Windows.

  3. Use the STPISecure to installer to install the STPIClient software.

  4. Install the STPIClient license.

  5. Start the STPIClient application for the first time.

  6. Configure the STPIClient to start as a service (Optional).

  7. Configure your POS System.

  8. Connect, power up and configure payment terminals.

Before you begin

By default, the payment terminals using SecureTable will communicate with the POS system over TCP port 9999.

  • Open TCP port 9999 on the corporate firewall.

  • Open TCP port 9999 on the Windows Defender Firewall on the POS system's Back-Office as well as on all POS workstations.

  • The wireless network (for wireless payment terminals) needs to be able to communicate with the POS System.

  • Each payment terminal needs access to the Internet.


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