Purpose of this document

This document will cover the configuration required to operate SecureTable using the Maitre’DVeloce direct integration to the STPI client.


SecureTable is a universal middleware platform that provides an EMV-Compliant, Pay at the Table (PATT) processing solution that can be connected to a POS (Point of Sale) system. The solution can work in standalone mode as well as integrated to a Point of Sale (POS) system such as Maitre’D, Veloce, Squirrel, Aloha and Micros among other.

“Pull” architecture

SecureTable uses a “Pull” architecture. This means that a payment terminal using SecureTable can initiate the transaction process by Pulling check data from the POS system. In other words, after the guest checks are printed and handed to customers, there is no need for the server to walk back to the POS workstation to apply payments and close guest checks. All payments, including credit, debit and cash, can be applied at the table side, and checks are closed automatically. By comparison, a traditional "Push" architecture is a system where the transaction would be initiated from the POS system, and check data pushed to the payment terminal. In a table-service restaurant, this process often required the customers to get up and walk to the POS workstation to insert their payment card and enter their PIN using a tethered payment terminal.

Accurate payment reporting

The integration of SecureTable with various POS systems allows the payment terminal to retrieve guest check data from the POS System. Once a payment has been processed by the payment terminal, SecureTable sends the payment data back to the POS System for reporting purposes. Payment amounts, tip amounts and card brand used are all automatically transmitted to the POS system to allow for accurate reporting.

Compatible with SecurePay

SecureTable and SecurePay can both be used on the same POS system. This allows merchants to use any combination of stationary Pay-at-the-Counter terminals and wireless Pay-at-the-Table terminals. SecureTable and SecurePay share a similar user interface which provides a consistent user experience for customers and employees.

Compatibility with third-party payment terminals

If a third-party solution with tethered (wired) payment terminals is already in place and integrated to the POS system, SecureTable can still be used without worry. A configurable table-locking or invoice-locking mechanism prevents accidentally accessing guest checks that are being processed by a payment terminal through SecureTable. This means that establishments can, for example, use wireless payment terminals

with SecureTable in the dining room while using tethered payment terminals for the cashier station, bar, pickup counter and drive-through windows.

With a direct integration, Maitre’D communicates directly with SecureTable’s STPI client through a secure socket connection without using drop-files. This allows Maitre’D to take advantage of all the features offered by SecureTable, without the limitations imposed by using the former TPI client middleware.


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