SecurePay Full Transaction Workflow

General use of SecurePay to apply payments

This section will cover the general workflow that users and customers will see when using SecurePay. The workflow will vary slightly based on the SecurePay application's configuration.

Payment process initiated by the POS

With SecurePay, the payment process is always initiated by the POS system. SecurePay cannot be used to initiate a payment directly at the payment terminal.

If you need assistance with the functions of your POS system, please consult the documentation specific to the POS system you are using. Generally speaking, the following operations need to be carried out at the POS before a payment can be applied:

  • Ring / order sales items.

  • Print a check.

  • Select a payment type.

In most POS systems, selecting the payment type that is assigned to card payments will initiate the transaction process on the payment terminal.

Tip Calculation

f the Tip option is enabled in the SecurePay application settings, the tip calculation screen will be displayed.

When the Tip calculation screen appears, the payment terminal needs to be turned towards the customer. The customer has the following options:

  • Select one of the pre-set percentages;

  • Enter a custom dollar amount;

  • Enter a custom percentage;

  • Leave no tip at all.

Bill Amount

This section shows the total amount to be paid.

Add a Tip

In this section, the tip presets configured in the Tip Preset Percentages in SecurePay's advanced settings are displayed. Each percentage box also indicates the corresponding dollar amount.

Touching a preset automatically adds the stated tip amount to the transaction.


Touch the $ button to enter a custom dollar amount as tip instead of using a preset.


Touch the % button to enter a custom percentage of tip instead of using a preset.


Touch this button to skip the tip entry process altogether and leave no tip.

Custom tip amount

The screen below only appears if the customer touches the $ button to enter a custom tip amount.

The customer uses the provided keypad to enter a tip amount, which will make the green CONFIRM button available.

The customer can use the backspace key to correct typing mistakes.

When ready, the customer presses the green CONFIRM button.

NOTE: On devices equipped with a physical keypad, the on-screen keypad will not be displayed. The physical keypad buttons will be used instead.

Tip Confirmation

If the Enable Confirmation option is enabled in the SecurePay application settings, the tip confirmation screen will appear. This is the last confirmation before the actual payment.

Total amount

This is the total amount to be paid, which is calculated from the check amount plus tip amount.

Bill Amount

This is the amount that was passed from the POS system. It is also known as the Check amount or Invoice amount, depending on the terminology used by the POS system.

Tips (__%)

This field displays the tip amount added. The percentage between parenthesis is calculated from the Bill amount vs. tip amount, and is always rounded to the nearest percentage point.


Touch this button to proceed with the actual payment.


Touch this button to cancel the transaction and return to the home screen to start over. A confirmation screen will be displayed before actually cancelling the operation.


At this point, SecurePay will call the payment application installed on the payment terminal. The prompts that the customer will see will depend on the payment application used and the card type used. For more information on this specific part of the workflow, please consult your payment application's documentation.

PayFacto Payment Process

BroadPOS Payment Process

Payment posting to POS

After the payment has been authorized by the payment application, the payment data will be sent to the POS system. Note that only non-sensitive data is exchanged between SecurePay and the POS system.

Once this is done, the application will return to its home screen.

The payment workflow with SecurePay is now complete, and the application is ready to process the next payment.


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