Purpose of this document

This document will cover the configuration required to operate SecurePay with integration to POS systems through the Retail Terminal Interface for Semi-Integrated Payment Applications (RTI-SIPA) plugin.

SecurePay Application

The SecurePay Android application is a bi-directional interface which links the PayFacto payment application to a POS system such as Maitre'D or Veloce. SecurePay automates some operations which previously had to be carried out by the clerk, such as the entry of the sales amount and card brand selection. SecurePay is especially well-suited to quick service environments and drive-through windows, with or without tip management.

Retail Terminal Interface for Semi-Integrated Payment Applications (RTI-SIPA) Plugin

The RTI-SIPA plugin is part of the STPISecure installer package and can be installed as a standalone component. RTI-SIPA's main purpose is to link the POS system and its POS workstations to the SecurePay application which resides on each payment terminal. This plugin will be installed on the POS system's main back-office PC as well as each POS workstation where a payment terminal will be used.

Accurate payment reporting

The integration of SecurePay with various POS systems allows the payment terminal to retrieve guest check data from the POS System. Once a payment has been processed by the payment terminal, SecurePay sends the payment data back to the POS System for reporting purposes. Payment amounts, tip amounts and card brand used are all automatically transmitted to the POS system to allow for accurate reporting.

Compatible with SecureTable

SecureTable and SecurePay can both be used on the same POS system. This allows merchants to use any combination of stationary Pay-at-the-Counter terminals and wireless Pay-at-the-Table terminals. SecureTable and SecurePay share a similar user interface which provides a consistent user experience for customers and employees.


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